Dear runners,

In 2023, Prokletije Mountins are creating the history of mountain running of the entire region. From July 14 to 16, the town of Gusinje will be the center of Europe when it comes to outdoor sports as it will host elite runners from the Old Continent.

For the first time in Southeast Europe, we are organizing the European Championship in this discipline, and for the first time, Montenegro has the honor of hosting the European Championship for seniors when it comes to outdoor sports.

This mountain massif, which is the last untouched mountain range of unreal beauty in Europe, needs no special introduction. In addition to the extraordinary beauty, it should be remembered that this is a very dangerous and unpredictable mountain that requires awe.

In addition to the official European skyrunning championship, there is also a regular race, as in previous years, the so-called open race for which anyone can register. The specificity is that those participants start 15 minutes after the official start of the European Championship. Over 500 competitors from 35+ countries are expected in total, for the EC and the open race.

The races will be held in all three skyrunning formats, and you can see the announcements on the website of the World Association on the following links:

All three formats have international ISF World Cup certifications, which means that the trails are of the highest quality for this sport and activity. The applications of the national teams go officially through the ISF and full-member states (associations). The only exception and different process will apply for our region, since most of the countries in the environment do not have their members in the ISF, therefore a special system and election races have been created.

In front of you is the calendar of qualifying races for the European Skyrunning Championship for 2023. Given the fact that we received the "green light" for the participation of nations that do not have their official skyrunning associations, a model and qualification system was created. Runners from the surrounding countries have filled out their applications by the defined deadline and they are currently in the process.

10 runners were registered from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1 runner from Slovenia.

17 runners from Croatia.

Below is a description of the procedure and the system. Both for the neighbours and for the national team of Montenegro and Serbia.


VK format – you have THREE races available in the calendar that will be taken into account. You must complete TWO to achieve placement. The winner comes first and then the further positions will be calculated up to 10% of the time in plus compared to the first placement. For example, if the first one at Biokovo goes for 50 minutes, only the results up to 55 minutes will be considered. There is no further scoring. In the event that only the second placement has a time within those limits, that's it (they get 80 points and no further scoring is done). If 10 people are in that range, we will consider up to the sixth place. According to the proposals of the ISF, the maximum participation is 6 people per format per nation so if they enter that range of 50-55 minutes, there is no expansion of the list below the sixth place.

The scoring goes as follows: 100-80-70-60-54-48

Points from two races are added up.

Of course, you can do all three races, but we will take into account the two best results.

SKY RACE format – everything is the same as for the VK. The only difference is that you have FIVE races at your disposal.

SKY ULTRA format – here the calculation is the same except that the condition is one race (of course, you can do two and we will take into account the best result).

* You can chase participation on VK and SKY, so it is the only option where you can enter the European Championship at two starts. There is no VK and ULTRA or SKY and ULTRA option. This then implies participation in two VK and two SKY formats according to the specified qualification calendar. Note that it is a much more difficult path.

** We always take into account the overall, time of the winner, not the best time per nation.

Wild card by nation. If one of the countries did not win a place in the overall ranking and scoring, one male and one female per nation gets a start at the European Championship (in their format, for which the application was received) if they meet two rules (B norm):

  1. They have a number of listed races (2 of 3 VK, 2 of 5 SKY or 1 of 3 ULTRA)
  2. They will be in the top 10 overall in those two races and the best from their country

First position for their country below 6th place, applies to both races (VK & SKY) or one (ULTRA).

In this way, we give space to countries to win a place, but still there is a level of quality.


The principle is the same, only Jahorina and Stara planina must be completed (on Stara planina only SkyTrail is not scored). We have established a clear system and phases (filters) where all aspects will be considered, especially the motive and careful timing of the form for Prokletije. The goal is to have everything adjusted for the EC in July.

The extended team of the national team is already known, FMS tests, ergospirometry and additional inquiries have been done. Phase II is entered at which the official coach of the national team, sports psychologist Dr Đorđe Ćurčić enters the scene as he is in charge of mental training and preparation. From now on, the official selection team will carry out professional monitoring and the plan for each member.

The team grinds until we get an A team, which is completely focused on skyrunning, with all the necessary support (altitude preparations, trails check running, nutrition plan, frequent sports and medical examinations, special training grounds, additional work with foreign coaches).

Selection team:

✍ Ivan Tovilović CV

✍ Đorđe Ćurčić CV

✍ Miloš Milisavljević CV